10+ Best Budgeting Tips

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10+ Best Budgeting Tips

We are living longer, but taxes and the cost of living continue to rise. The only person that you can control is yourself, and how you prepare, manage, and plan for financial peace of mind.


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                         Everyday Money Saving Tips


~ Plan and write out your shopping list AHEAD of time.
Prior to writing the shopping list, look at combining coupons with sales. I have a coupon organizer, and I label my shopping lists with C=coupon & S=Sale. Don’t rule out generic brands. Many times, generic brands are even CHEAPER than name brands with combined sales and coupons.

Try to stick with your list, and avoid impulse buys.

~Gas Savings at Supermarkets/Gas Stations
When you go out to shop, this is a good opportunity to fill up on gas. Make sure to use any gas savings cards/credit cards.

~Stock up on Non-Perishables when you get a great price.
These items do not go bad, and you know that you need them on a regular basis. If they are offering great prices on these items, snag extra supplies.

Some examples of these items my husband and I stock up on as a 2 person household are: cat litter, toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, computer paper, razors… It is convenient that we can compare prices in a short amount of time with a few clicks of a button. Several of our bulk items are cheaper on Amazon.

~*Buy greeting cards in bulk in a sorter.      (*Greeting Cards Canada)

This breaks down to approximately $1 per card, and it doubles as an organizer. Also, buying blank cards are a great saving because they can fit any special occasion.

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Use Less Product and Reuse


~I do not need a full pump of liquid soap to get my hands clean. (I think the manufacturers do this on purpose.) You can lengthen the amount of time products last by just cutting back a little. This goes for toilet paper, shampoo…

~Reuse packing material (bonus – it is environmentally friendly)

~Re-gift (One woman’s junk, is another woman’s treasure.) Make sure it would be well suited for the receiver.


Go to Your Library 


~As a former librarian, use the library’s resources for free for most of your entertainment and school purposes.

~If you are in a higher education school, take advantage of their library’s resources. They will subscribe to databases and purchase other resources that are specifically geared towards your fields of study.

Join Membership Programs Like Amazon Prime

~*Amazon Prime is packed full of value for my husband and me. We have saved hundreds of dollars by not having to pay shipping fees, watch movies and television programs at home, listening to free Prime Music and a selection of Kindle books.

Movies with Amazon Prime are a great way to connect to friends and family and enjoy movies without breaking the bank. Pop your own popcorn. Open your favorite beverage, and go to the bathroom without missing a beat.

Get Credit Cards with Incentives

~ The *Amazon credit card has a cashback rewards program. Barnes and Noble offer free gift certificates, free memberships, and small rebates (Incentives usually depend on how much money is put on the credit card.

I have exchanged my free B&N gift certificates for cards in the same amount with cute designs for the correct occasion.

Other incentive credit cards offer hotel and mileage points. My husband and I use the free hotel points to go on a mini-weekend and stay for free. There are also gas discount cards…

Family Time for Free


~ Go to the Park for free– Play “I Spy” and other games.

~ Head to the local playground for free. Meet other children’s parents in the neighborhood.

~Carpool (for families/work/school)

You Cannot Afford to Skip These Everyday Routines


~Any safety and medical items that you need.

These include, but not limited to, any necessary medications.

(You cannot take care of anyone else if you are not taking care of yourself.) Ask your pharmacist about any other programs where you can save money.

~Your Children’s Medical and Safety Needs

Many states, like mine, have special low-cost health insurance for children.

~Pet Medical Care

~Vet care for your furry family member.
Dogs are required to be licensed, and dogs and cats need certain vaccines. (These vary state to state.)

In our state, a rabies vaccine is a must. Sometimes, towns, shelters, vets will have special low-cost events to get more people to vaccinate.

~If you think about it, yearly vet visits are actually (7-year visits) for your dog.

Our dearly departed cat lived for 14 more quality years with a heart condition because we caught it early. He just needed 1/4 of a very cheap pill every day.

~Please spay/neuter your dog or cat. 
You will be saving lives. There are special events held by shelters and veterinary clinics where you can a discounted rate.

~Ask around, look around, compare costs and benefits to determine if pet insurance is a cost-effective plan.

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