3 Pinterest Tips to Promote Your Business

3 Pinterest Tips to Promote Your Business


Try these 3 Pinterest tips to promote your business. With Pinterest’s ever-changing algorithms, it is a challenge to keep up. This post will talk about these 3 tricks. 1) New pins and new content, 2) video pins, and 3) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips to boost your profile.


*Please note your Pinterest account is unique to your business. So, what works for some people may not work for your business. There is some trial and error, but that is the beauty of Pinterest. You can experiment with different pin styles to see what works best.


According to a (March 2021) Hootsuite report by Katie Sehl, Pinterest has 459 million monthly active users. There was a 300% rise between January- August 2020 in conversion, from users just putting items in the cart to actually purchasing the items. (The pandemic is partially responsible for the sharp rise in conversion because people are shopping online more frequently.) However, Pinterest has also made some changes to the platform to make it easier for people to shop on Pinterest.


** This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you purchase a product through 1 of my links, I will get a commission. I only promote products and services that I think are wonderful and that you would find helpful. Thank you!****

1. Pinterest Will Circulate New Content and Pins


Pinterest can help more customers find you if you are strategic about creating a successful workflow. Pinterest wants fresh Pins with new images on a daily basis. They also give priority to Pins with new content/ new products. It is important to only pin your new pin to 1 most relevant board. (This is updated information.)

3 Pinterest Tips to Promote Your Business

The recommended pin size currently is 1000 px X 1500 px or a 2:3 ratio. Be careful not to make the pins too long, or Pinterest might cut off part of your pin.


If you want to schedule out your whole week or month at one time, I can recommend Tailwind. Many people have had mixed results using Tailwind. I would highly recommend trying the free trial version for several months. I had the free version for well over a year.


Faith demonstrates workflows for how she schedules her pinning for beginners who have some basics, intermediate, and advanced level pinners in her amazing Pin to Win course. I highly recommend this course for you if you sell digital products or physical products.


2. Video Pins Get More Engagement


2) Video Pins tend to get more interaction. Faith shows you in her Pin to Win class how moving pins stand out in a sea of static pins. My video pins tend to get over 1,000 views versus my static pins that barely get into the double digits. There are also more interactions with these pins. (more saves, likes, pin clicks, etc.) People like to see products being used.


I have been using Pinterest for about 5 years, and I wrote a testimonial about how I learned some new features in Canva in Faith’s Pin to Win lessons. I am a huge fan of Faith’s teaching style because she describes in detail the process of different techniques and why she uses them on Pinterest.


You can set up a FREE Canva account. I LOVE Canva because you can easily create printables in the program as well. It is also easy to use.


If you are serious about learning ALL the ins and outs of video pins, Nadalie Bardo has an extensive course called Video Pin Starter Kit about creating video pins. She is an excellent teacher. Nadalie shows you very methodically how to create 10 different styles of video pins. When you take the class you get,

  • A workbook to take notes and follow along.
  • Over 13 Modules demonstrating how to create video pins.
  • Extra training videos for Canva.
  • Canva Templates that cover the 10 different styles of pins.

As of today, your investment is just under $50. I got so much value out of this course, and I saw my Pinterest stats skyrocket. I was impressed by her teaching modules.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


3) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key for customers and Google (other search engines) to find you. Setting up your Pinterest account correctly is vital to help Pinterest, Google, and your customers know what you are all about. This takes time.


Pinterest was not technically a social media platform. In actuality, it is a visual search engine. Update: between 2020 & 2021, Pinterest has started leaning into the social media aspect of the platform. This includes allowing comments, selecting (emojis) Story Pins-which are now called Idea Pins…


What is a search engine?

Google is a gigantic search engine. Your library’s catalog is a search engine on a smaller scale. (I am a former librarian, so I had to put that in.)

A search engine is divided into categories. In a library’s catalog, you have a title, author, genre, subjects, etc. That is how you find resources such as books. You type in words and should get a list of results related to the words you used.


So, think about your customer. What words are they using to find you? Over my 5 years on Pinterest and blogging, I found out the word “kids” gets way more searches than “children”. Think of synonyms that are trending on Pinterest.


The words you use in your pins, on your Pinterest boards, in your pins’ description are so important! (Head slap.) I am a former librarian and it took me taking a course about Pinterest to figure this out.


After 3 years of being on Pinterest, I let my numbers tank on purpose. Then, I took the course Pinterest Ninja by Megan Johnson. “Why did you do that?” You ask. Because I wanted to take the course with the mindset of not knowing anything about Pinterest. This is one of the best things I have ever done.


I have taken thousands of dollars worth of Pinterest classes. Pinterest Ninja is the quintessential Pinterest class for beginners, intermediate, and some advanced Pinterest users. Megan shows you methodically how to set up your account to manage your account. This class is definitely worth the investment you make in your business. She starts with how to connect your blog to Pinterest properly to optimize SEO. This is a very extensive course with a well-laid-out workbook to follow along.


Because the Pinterest algorithms are changing so quickly, Megan updates her course regularly (approximately every 3 months). These updates are included with your purchase of the course.


There is also a fantastic and supportive FREE Facebook group that you will have access to once you buy the course. Her Pinterest Ninja Facebook group had a great mix of new and seasoned Pinterest Users. Megan will do training from time to time where you submit a pin, and she explains what works and how it can be changed to get more engagement. I was blown away by how dedicated she is to our group. She showed up in her Facebook group almost every day despite everything going on in her busy life.

3 Pinterest Tips to Promote Your Business


My #1 Time Saving Resource (for Pinterest, opt-ins, educational courses, blogging, & More…) Ivory Mix


I LOVE Ivory Mix!🙂 Why does my subscription to Ivory Mix make me so happy?


Because it saves time! I spent so many wasted hours looking for free images, that did NOT violate copyright terms before I found Ivory Mix. Even after I found the images, my pins were very amateurish looking and not the best quality.


Pinterest and Instagram are 2 of the best ways to market your printables and extend your reach.


The membership is worth more than you pay. Your time is valuable, too. Think about how much money you make an hour at your job. Then, think about what that equals when you work at your online business. Shocked? I was. Stop looking and wondering.

  • 1,000’s of top-quality feminine images for Pinterest, Instagram, Blog Posts, Marketing, and more at the tip of your fingers.
  • They have an organized image library. (This makes me so happy!:)
  • Collection of Pinterest, Instagram, opt-in templates, & more…
  • Educational courses and resources on how to make money online
  • If you bought the courses separately, they would be astronomically higher than accessing them through your membership.
  • Supportive Facebook community to share ideas and get educated.
  • Make sure you are aware of the terms of use. You cannot sell their images in PLR products. However, their licensing is pretty liberal compared to other sources.
  • And so much more!

Try it by getting over 500 FREE Stock Photos now

If you like what you saw and you want to be a member, Check out the different Membership options.

Do you want to be all in with photos, templates, workshops, and more? Here is the VIP Membership Link.


Do you want other Pinterest & other Organizing Tips?


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    1. Hi Charina,
      Thanks for stopping by! ?
      It depends on your business.
      Video pins do boost my views and engagement, but again views are kind of a “fluff” number. Engagement is more important.
      I was an early adaptor of video pins, and I like them. But with Pinterests’ demanding schedule, it is difficult to keep up.

  1. Thanks for an interesting overview of how Pinterest helps to promote businesses. I learnt a few new things from it.

    1. Hi Shar,
      Thanks for stopping by! ? I’m glad you learned a few things.
      My head is spinning with how fast and how many changes Pinterest makes.

  2. I have not tried the video pins yet, but I am sure they will become all the rage with TIkTok and Reels these. I have to say I am not really a fan of all the mini movies to be honest, I feel like they can all be a bit too much. Leave that stuff the Pro in hollywood.

    1. Hi Jen,
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 There are several ways to make video pins. The way I make them sounds more simple than what you are describing.
      It is more time-consuming, but it definitely gets me more views & engagement. it is not hard to do, it just takes slightly longer because you have to add animation to your pin, and you need to download the final MP4 and the PNG/JPG involved.
      I feel like views are a “fluff” number because engagement is what counts.
      It is different for each business.

    1. Hi Nishtha,
      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂
      Right now, Pinterest is looking for fresh pins every time you post. Therefore, some people do not use Tailwind because Pinterest has a scheduling feature now. I have heard mixed reviews.
      Tailwind works to schedule pins on Pinterest and posts on Instagram. Luckily, you can try it for free for quite a long time.

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