10+ Best Cat Gifts

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10+ Best Cat Gifts

The holiday season is upon us, and as we are making our gift lists, don’t forget your furry family members (cats). Whether it’s a new kitty or an established cat, these toys and essentials are proven to be a huge hit with our cats (Dewey and Panther).

If you are a new cat owner, please consider reading the books below before adopting a new family member. I have written an in-depth safety guide for cats and dogs HERE. In addition, I have written another post about pet safety during the holidays HERE. Grab your free safety lists for dogs and cats HERE.

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Panther is our black cat, and Dewey is our orange cat.

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10+ Best Holiday Gifts for Cats

Whether you have kids, kittens, dogs, or all three, please pay close attention to choking hazard warnings. Give your furry family members a treat after playing. This will avoid the frustration of not catching “prey”.

1) Wands- Wands have always been a big hit for all the cats we have had. The type of wand may vary depending on your cat or kitten. This is a fantastic way to bond with your furry family member because it is interactive.


2) Tunnels- Dewey and Panther have a blast stalking each other and toys inside the tunnel. It is so funny watching them wiggle their backsides, bolt through the tunnel, jump out of “the window”. If you only have one cat, use the wand on the opposite side of your cat, and watch your guy race through tunnel. They come in different sizes and colors, and many of them have ties at the end, so you can connect them together. Also, they fold up for easy storage once your cats are done.
If you have kittens, I would recommend removing any toys that are attached or choking hazards.

3) Assortment of small interactive toys– These toys might include a variety of balls, mice, toys with sound etc.


4) Ball on a Track with Scratching Pad- Your cats will love this toy! It fulfills 2 needs- play and the need to maintain claw health. Please give your cats a treat, so that your cat gets satisfaction for catching “prey”. Inner scratching pads are easy to come by.

5) Laser Pointers– are great ways to interact with your cats, especially, if you have a new kitty. Dewey and Panther were initially shy when we first adopted them. Laser pointers broke the ice! Our guys got 2 hours of play while we could be lazy bones. (I think maybe it was because nothing is physically touching them, so they were not afraid.) Supervise this play very CAREFULLY because laser pointers should NEVER be pointed in your furry family members’ eyes or in anyone’s eyes.

6) Scratcher– Scratchers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Check and see if your cat like to groom their claws on a flat surface, on an incline, straight up and down or all the above.

Incline, Cat Trees, Thistle, Door hanging

7) Puzzle Toys– Chances are you will get a smart and curious kitty, and when they get bored, well, that is when the rascals come out and destruction ensues. Puzzles have been a sanity saver for us. Dewey and Panther are extremely smart and can become very destructive if they are not mentally stimulated.
Always supervise your cats when using puzzles. You might have to help them solve the puzzles, so they don’t become frustrated. If you use treats or food, please modify their mealtime portions to compensate.

8) Cat Treats– Look for a variety of flavors to see which ones your cats enjoy the most. (Look at the nutritional content. There are treats specially formulated for kittens.)


9) Cat Dancers- This is inexpensive, but an interactive toy for your cats. My hack is to put a wall-safe double-sided adhesive instead of the sticker that is provided. This way, you can move the toy around without damaging your walls.

10) Hexabug- These, battery charged, toys are great on flat surfaces.

11) Ball on a track– If it comes with lit balls, replace these with non-lit balls. The lit balls are annoying to people and frustrating to cats.

12) Cat Trees– Find a cat tree that is big enough for your cat(s), has a sturdy base, has place for your cats to scratch/ groom claws, at least 1 place to “hide”, and high enough for your cat to have a view from an elevated spot.

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10+ Best Cat Gifts

2 thoughts on “10+ Best Cat Gifts”

  1. I love the variety of ideas you’ve gathered here! When I’m not feeling well, I bust out the puzzle toys, tunnel, and a few other activities for the dogs to create an obstacle course of sorts. And cats definitely need the exercise and mental engagement as well, so these interactive toys are fantastic gift suggestions. Sharing on Pinterest:)

    1. Happy New Year, Irene! Thank you for your kind comments!:)
      I love the fact that you create obstacle courses for your dogs! I think dogs, especially, need plenty of mental stimulation.
      I believe that interactive toys are great gifts, too!

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