Coloring and activity books are hot, right now!

I’m having my first launch into coloring pages with these adorable
Kawaii Animals and Fun Food packs and bundle for kids.

Parents are always looking for rainy day activities for their kids.
Make money by creating popular activity pages/ books to sell.

This would cost hundreds of dollars if you hired an artist.

No Coupon Needed

April 27th -May 2nd 11:59PM EST

Kawaii Fun Food & Adorable Animals

3 options are available. Choose one below.

Option 1: 25 JPEGS Kawaii Fun Food and Animals

About Option 1...

8.5”x11” size for your convenience

25-High Quality 300 DPI JPEGs images to make it easy for you to create coloring pages with other packs to create activity pages, planners, journals, gift tags, POD (Print on Demand)…

1-Puppies with cupcake
2-Kittens with waffles and ice cream
3-Bears & Bees with honeycomb
4-Bunnies with ice cream sundae
5-Panda Bears with a milkshake, donuts, and ice cream
6-Kittens with donuts and cookies
7-Puppies with macaroons
8-Bunnies with ice cream cone
9-Kittens with jam
10-Panda Bears with Roll Cake
11-Bears and fruit
12-Puppies with Charlotte Cake
13-Kittens with corn
14-Kittens with pumpkins
15-Kittens with pear
16-Bunnies with watermelon
17-Panda Bears and mushrooms
18-Bears with bananas
19-Puppies with an apple and pear
20-Red Pandas with orange and lemon
21- Puppies and pineapple
22-Kittens and grapes
23-Pandas with fruit
24-Kittens with vegetables
25- Puppies with vegetables

Option 2: 25 Animal PNGS + 25 Food PNGs

About Option 2...

8.5”x11” size for your convenience

50-High Quality 300 DPI PNGs with transparent backgrounds make it easy for you to blend images with other packs to create activity pages, gift tags, POD (Print on Demand)

Kawaii Coloring Images Mock Ups
Kawaii Coloring Images Mock Ups

25 Animal PNGs with Transparent Backgrounds
1) Puppy
2) Kitten
3) Bear with honey
4) Bunny
5) Panda Bear
6) Kitten
7) Puppy
8) Bunny with balloon
9) Kitten
10) Panda Bear
11) Bear
12) Puppy
13) Kitten
14) Kitten
15) Kitten
16) Bunny
17) Panda Bear
18) Bear
19) Puppy
20) Red Panda
21) Puppy
22) Kitten
23) Panda Bear with blueberry
24) Puppy
25) Kitten


Kawaii Coloring Images Mock Ups
Kawaii Coloring Images Mock Ups

25 Food PNGs with Transparent Backgrounds
1) Cupcake
2) Waffles and ice cream
3) Honeycomb with bees
4) Ice cream sundae
5) Milkshake, donuts, and ice cream
6) Donuts and cookies
7) Macaroons
8) Ice cream cone
9) Roll Cake
10) Fruit
11) Charlotte Cake
12) Corn
13) Pumpkins
14) Pear
15) Watermelon
16) Mushrooms
17) Bananas
18) Pear and apple
19) Orange and lemon
20) Pineapple
21) Grapes
22) Cherries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries
23) Asparagus, carrots, and eggplant
24) Tomato, peppers, and jalapeno peppers
25) Jam

Option 3: Kawaii Fun Food & Adorable Animals Bundle

About Option 3...

75 Unique Images in all!
All images are 8.5”x11” for your convenience.

In addition to the 25 Adorable Kawaii Animals & Fun Food JPEGS in 300 DPI + 25 Adorable Kawaii Animals in PNGS with transparent background in 300 DPI + 25 Fun Kawaii Food in PNGS with transparent background 300 DPI

Get the whole bundle of 75 high-quality unique Kawaii coloring images for
On Sale for ONLY $37 Normally $47.

Terms of Use


  • Use for your own personal use.
  • Create NEW coloring pages by combining these images with other images from different coloring packs.
  • Modify add/delete these pages before selling this item.
  • Use on POD (Print on Demand) Physical objects such as mugs, T-shirts, tote bags…
  • Sell it in PDF (flattened format). Your customer will get PERSONAL USE rights ONLY.
  • Put your branding on the planner.
  • Sell UNLIMITED number of products in PDFs on Etsy, Shopify, your own website. Please respect the marketplaces rules before doing so. If you choose to sell in any marketplace, please be aware that it is your responsibility to abide by their terms. – applies to the new products YOU have CREATED – YOU MAY only sell these with personal use rights.  Such as activity pages, gift tags, gift wrapping…
  • Coaching material. (Clients get PERSONAL USE RIGHTS ONLY.)
  • Giveaway your NEW creation in PDF as a bonus for a PAID product or PAID membership. (Bonus will be PERSONAL USE RIGHTS ONLY).


  • Own/ claim the copyright.
  • Giveaway as a lead magnet.
  • Post for free on the internet
  • Resell with private label rights (PLR) or commercial resell rights to anyone.
  • Extract and sell JPEGS, PNGS, or any sources files individually or inside a bundle..
  • Sell these on sites such as Creative Fabric, Design Bundles, etc.
  • Sell or giveaway in PNG, JPEG, PowerPoint, source files, or any other editable format.
  • You MAY NOTuse my name, company name, or website associated with your products.
  • By using these coloring pages & images, you are agreeing to the above terms. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Grab Your Fun Food & Adorable Animals Bundle Below

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Kawaii Coloring Images Mock Up for Option 3

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