10 Things You Should Stop Buying to Save Money

10 Things You Should Stop Buying to Save Money

10 Things You Should Stop Buying to Save Money


Do you want to save money simply? Then, stop spending money on these 10 things. I will outline how you can save money in 10 easy ways.

During this difficult time, living on a budget has become a necessity. Stop buying these 10 things, and start an emergency fund.

Some of these items you might not even be able to use if your state/country that has restrictions. So, I will give you some money-saving tips you can use instead of buying these items.

10 Things You Should Stop Buying to Save Money

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Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things


1) Individual Greeting Cards

Celebrating and acknowledging important events is an essential part of maintaining positive relationships.

During this difficult time, acknowledgments and correspondence are very important.

BUT, 1 card with all the bells and whistles can cost up to $10 or more! Crazy, right?

You could send an ecard. Many companies will let you personalize, and send ecards to loved ones in exchange for your email address. This is environmentally friendly, and you save money on postage.

If you have children, family and friends LOVE handmade cards and letters.

If you made a personalized gift, inscribe it. When I make a scrapbook or photo calendars for family, I write a dedication at the beginning. This will be treasured for years instead of a few days.

Buy bundles of cards. Each card will be under a dollar.


2) Gym Membership

Unless you actually go at least 3 times a week and get health benefits from going to the gym, skip the gym membership.

Depending on the membership price, you could be wasting close to $1,000 dollars a year. Even if you only spend $75 a year, and only go once, you are still wasting money that you could be saving.

It is important to build an emergency fund. Most professionals recommend saving 6 months’ worth of wages.

Do you still want to exercise? Stay healthy?

Buy the essential gym items that you know you will use multiple times. This might include basic weights, a mat, a stationary bike.

I need a motivational video with an instructor directing me on how to safely do the exercises. Also, I need the video to have a variety of different workouts, so I do not get bored.

You need to do what works for you. Maybe taking long walks several times a week is more your speed. (Make sure you wear reflectors in case it rains.)

Have a back-up plan in case of snow, storms, or any type of inclement weather.

3) Name Brand Food

I have a secret to tell you.

Many name-brand foods also create generic store-brand food. Same food, but a different name. This could equal big savings.

I am so happy to see organic food options with different branding at cheaper prices, and just as yummy.

Don’t buy food in bulk if you do not eat or donate ALL of it. Wasted food is like throwing your money away.


4) Designer Clothes & Accessories

Designer labels do not equal better quality. But it does mean it will cost you more money.

Think about your clothes. Each season, most people reassess their clothes.

Your clothes might not fit anymore when you pull them out for the season. This means you might only wear an outfit for a few months.

Think about the times when a stain will not come out, or a rip cannot be fixed. Go to your closet. If you were like me, you would have some clothes with the price tags still on them.

Don’t get me started on shoes and pocketbooks. They are exposed to the elements all the time.

In reality, you only need a few clothing options in basic colors to make your wardrobe functional all year long. If you can, buy quality clothes that can be machine washed again and again.

You also only need 1 pair of sneakers, 2 pairs of work shoes, 1 pair of fancy shoes, and 1 pair of waterproof boots.

Finally, you only need 1 at most 2 pocketbooks. I do not spend more than $50 dollars on my purse, and I use it all year long.

I have a black purse that holds all my items including my phone. I personally like a separate compartment for my phone inside my purse. This way I can find it quickly.


10 Things You Should Stop Buying to Save Money


5) Dryer Sheets

Instead of spending money buying dryer sheets each month (that might be filled with chemicals), I prefer to use dryer balls.

My dryer balls last well over a year and keep my clothes looking like I used dryer sheets. I have sensitive skin, so I feel better about using dryer balls.

6) Going to the Movies or Buying Movies

Going to the movies is expensive. Most people don’t go just to see the movie, they want to buy snacks and beverages.

Buying a movie On Demand at home is still expensive.

*Amazon Prime is the perfect solution. Not only are you getting free movies, but you are also getting free delivery, discounts, free music, books, and more.

Try Amazon Prime for Free.


7) Expensive Jewelry

You only need one set of fancy jewelry for special occasions. You probably already have these as a gift over your life.

I was a librarian at a college. I saw students, professors, administrators, and special guests daily. I got the most compliments on a necklace that cost $8 on sale. True story.

A few nice-looking fashion jewelry accessories are perfect. I can’t tell you how many times people lose an earring. Many times, they are never found. When you lose one, you can’t wear the set anymore.

I would be devastated if I lost an expensive piece of jewelry, so I save them for special occasions only.


8) Manicure Pedicure

Skip the expensive manicures and pedicures. Nail polish usually chips within a day.

You can easily sculpt and paint your nails at home yourself. You can do this while watching TV or talking on the phone.

It only takes a few minutes. Basic moisturizers can help maintain your skin. An electric foot filer is perfect to keep your heels smother.

9) Plastic Bags

Most states require you to pay $.05 for each plastic bag you use at a store. This is not limited to grocery stores.

So, getting solid bags that you can disinfect or wash and use over and over again will be important. I like having bags handy that can hold cold and hot foods.

Keep a few in your car at all times where you can see them. Store several totes in one of the bags to keep them organized.


10) Any Impulse Buys

Before buying anything, ask yourself these 8 questions.

  • 1) Do I have the money to spend on this item at this time?2) Will I really use this item enough times to be worth the investment I am making now?3) How will this make my life better?4) When will I use this item?5) How many times will I use this item?6) Where will I store this item when I am not using it?7) Will other people in my household use this item?8) When I am done with an item, can it be resold? Donated? Be used as a hand-me-down? Recycled?

10 Things You Should Stop Buying to Save Money

If this is an expensive item, talk it over with your partner. Look for deals, comparison shop, use coupons, and sales. See if any of your memberships offer you an additional discount.

Sleep on it. Sometimes, my husband and I think about future purchases, and after we think it over, we decide it is more of a want than a need.

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  1. It’s funny you mention greeting cards..I just about fainted when my significant other was buying a card a few weeks ago for his Mom and it was $5.99. Seriously for a piece of paper? I had just finished creating and printing birthday cards for my parents. My cost? A piece of paper I already had.
    I have been sending electronic cards but I think a lot of people really like a card they can read and hold.

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