Increase Your Productivity by Organizing 2021

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Increase Your Productivity by Organizing 2021


2021 is here! There is no time like the present to get your home, Pinterest, Blogging, and office organized and increase your productivity. Filling in planners, setting up new files, folders, and clearing the clutter can give you a fresh start for the New Year.

This is also the perfect time to organize your paperwork and computer files at work and at home.

Are you ready to start making money with affiliate sales? Creating your own course or eBook?

2021 is the perfect time to reach your goals.

Increase Your Productivity by Organizing 2021

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin



  • If you are like me, you probably already have appointments scheduled at least into February. Write to your appointments. If you are filling in the planner for several people, you might use different colors for the different people. (You might use a blue pen for your appointments.)
  • Set your goals by week/day, month, by 6 months… Make your goals attainable.
  • Plan your meals a week in advance. Make a shopping list of items before you go to the store. This will help create a budget you can stick to, and it makes you a more efficient shopper.
  • Update To-Do lists every day. Priorities change, new items get added…
  • Inspirational quotes to keep you moving forward.
  • Plan out some of your blog posts. Brainstorm ideas and supporting details for the next month. (Many bloggers write several posts at once, and space them out in posts over a month or more.)
  • Keep track of the important people in your life. Update addresses.

Do you want an incredibly detailed, high-quality family /household organizer for the whole year?


 *Deluxe Home Binder–by Abby Lawson thought of EVERYTHING! This is the perfect solution to organize your whole year for busy families and households. This binder covers calendars, lists & logs for recipes, meal planning, medical sheets, finance, Chore Charts, fitness, party planning, pet information, call log, travel information, vehicle maintenance… and so much more.


Free Fun Planner for Teachers Pre-K-5th Grade


  • Weekly Lesson Plan Template
  • Monthly Lesson Plan Template
  • Theme Lesson Plan Template
  • Center Activity Template

Increase Your Productivity by Organizing 2021



Also, in my freebie library are social media planners to increase blog traffic. These include:

  • Pinterest Board schedulers
  • Facebook Group Schedulers
  • Book Challenges Schedulers
    • Watch out for the ever-changing algorithms in social media.
    • Comment on other blogs.
    25 Tips to a Successful Pinterest Account

    25 Tips to a Successful Pinterest Account

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    Update Your Pinterest Boards.


    • Fresh pins are queen. This means new images and effective Pinterest SEO for links to your blog.
    • Only pin fresh pins to 1-3 boards. Three boards max.
    • Create new Pinterest boards.
    • Create new pins. *Ivory Mix has an amazing library of top-quality photos that will save you a ton of time creating appealing pins. Pinterest wants new images daily.
    • *Ivory Mix is one of the best investments I made in my business. This membership includes 100’s of beautiful feminine stock photos.
    • Also included in the membership you have access to $1,000’s of dollars of photos, templates, fantastic courses, and a supportive Facebook group.
    • I am taking a social media marketing class through *Ivory Mix, right now. Audience Growth Academy was sold separately for several hundred dollars, but you get it for free with your membership! I would highly recommend this course for intermediate and advanced Pinterest marketers.
    • Use quality Pinterest SEO to increase views.
    • Join new Pinterest Groups in your niche. More is NOT better. You want niche-specific SEO-optimized group boards, only.

    *Pinterest Ninja Course

    This is the best  Pinterest course for beginners and intermediate-level Pinterest marketers. Meghan updates this course frequently

    Use The *Pinterest Ninja Course to skyrocket your Pinterest Business account. This course is one of the most comprehensive courses I have taken. Meghan takes you from the beginning, setting up your Pinterest account, to getting meaningful engagement.

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    As I went through the beginning of the course, I realized a made a basic set-up mistake. OOPs, but hey, I learned from my mistake. I revamped ALL my boards and SEO, and saves and pages links increased! Yeah!

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    Update your Business Facebook page.


    • Read the eBook *Strategies Worth Sharing by Brittany Ann for the best advice about Facebook I have seen in my 2 and ½ years of blogging. It is very affordable, and it provides a clear map of how to maximize Facebook Business Page without using Facebook Ads.
    • Join new Facebook Groups.
    • Post reader engagement items often.

    Increase engagement on Twitter.


    • Follow more people in your niche.
    • Retweet relevant posts.
    • Make comments on other people’s posts.

    Ready to Create Your Own eBook or Course in 2021?


    *eBook Ninja Your course does not have to be blogging-related. It could be money management, a DIY course, Personal Care… Be creative and think outside the box. What are you enthusiastic about and know about? Transform it into a class. It can take the form of an eBook as Megan did with *eBook Ninja. This can include videos and links.

    *Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp Course by Ana-The She Approach Ana’s step-by-step signature video course that teaches bloggers & entrepreneurs how to write, launch and sell their first (or next) bestselling eBook


    Ready to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?


     *Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Shroeder-Gardner -– This course is another amazing resource! Plenty of beneficial content focuses on monetizing your blog using affiliate marketing. Resources are well organized and straightforward. I think of it as the quintessential course/manual of how to start, operate, and monetize your blog using affiliate marketing while following the rules and laws that govern the internet. Yes, there are rules and laws to deal with when monetizing your blog. There are six modules in this course and an extensive Bonus section.

    Welcome – Introduction to the Course, workbook pages, and access to a private Facebook group. Do you want to know more about  *Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Shroeder-Gardner -–?  Click the blue link or go HERE for my in-depth Step-by-Step building your blog post which includes insight into Michelle’s course.

    Increase Your Productivity by Organizing 2021


    Get Organized Digitally and in Physical Formats


    • Categorize Folder on the computer-Put random documents in file folders on the computer that can be easily accessed.

    Creating Files on the Computer

    1. Click on the folder icon at the bottom of your computer
    2. Staring at the computer screen, go to the top left. Click on the folder icon to create a New Folder.
    3. A folder will appear with the words New Folder underneath.
    4. Right-click on your laptop. A drop-down menu will appear. Under the word DELETE, you should see the word RENAME. Click on the word RENAME.
    5. Type in the title of your folder. This will be a category such as Budgeting Posts.
    6. Once you have the folder labeled. Then, search for the documents you want to put in the folder.
    7. Select your first file. Next, HOLD DOWN the Ctrl key.
    8. Keep your finger on the Ctrl key while you click on ALL the files you want in the folder.
    9. Right-click on the keypad, and select COPY from the drop-down menu.
    10. Click on the folder to open it.
    11. Finally, Right-click PASTE.
    12. Now, all the files you selected should be in the folder marked Budgeting Posts. (In other words, instead of 10 related files located in different places in your list, they can be found in the folder in seconds.
    13. Once you click the folder. Click through all the files to make sure they transferred correctly. Then, you can delete all the files you transferred in the larger general list.


    • *Letter Hanger– We have one with 3 slots. Each slot can be a category 1) Bills, 2) Other Relevant Mail, and 3) Junk mail to be sorted later. Bonus: We save time looking for our keys because now we put them right on the key hooks underneath. ;) (You will need a power drill and stud finder to hang up this organizer.)

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    1. Happy New Year, Jen! I bought the Productivity Bundle, and I love it! They decided to extend it for an extra day until Thursday, January 9, 2020, at 11:59 PM ET. If you or any of your teacher friends want to subscribe to my blog, you will get the free Rose Planner, and I also created a lesson plan, weekly planner, monthly planner, and thematic planner template for teachers in my Freebie Library.
      Happy planning!

    1. Happy New Year, Mallory! The sale for the paid planner ends in 10 min. But, if you subscribe to my blog, you will have access to a free floral planner, and free lesson plan templates, theme templates, weekly and monthly planners designed for teachers.

  1. Thank you for your inspiring post. I am going to try to organize everything in order to have a more productive year.

  2. Wow! This is really the Ultimate bundle. Thanks for the steep discount. The bonuses alone are worth getting this! Oh and happy 2020.

    1. Happy New Year, Henrietta! I love Ultimate Bundles, too! There is another one coming soon. I have bought several of them, and I am thrilled with the value. The only con is that the sales are so short. This one is done, but if you sign up for my blog you can get free yearly planners from me for busy people, teachers, and bloggers.

    1. Happy New Year, Traci!? The beginning of the year is a great time to get organized! I have some free planners for busy people, teachers, and bloggers if you sign up for my blog. I will have another freebie coming to this post tomorrow from Abby Lawson and an opportunity to sign up for a free webinar on organizing your home.
      Thank you for your kind words.

    1. Happy New Year, Ashley! You are welcome! I am glad that you found this post helpful.

      Right now, you can sign up for a free organizing class and guide from Abby Lawson who is one of the gurus of organizing your home and office.

      Christina :)

    1. Happy New Year, Marifaith!? It just takes a little extra time in the beginning to organize. I usually tidy up on Fridays at work to get ready for the next week. I give you a lot of credit for homeschooling your kids!?
      I taught Kindergarten and Second grade for a few years, and then I taught adults for many years, after. How old are your children? You will see I have a section for parents/teachers grades Pre-K – 5th grade. If you subscribe to my blog, you will get a free teacher planner that includes a template for lesson plans, themes, weekly and monthly planner. You will also have access to my free floral planner for busy people, and some free activities for kids.
      Thank you,

    1. Happy New Year, Nokulunga! :) Thank you so much, and I am thrilled to pieces that you signed up for my blog! :) Enjoy ALL the freebies. I spent hours creating them in hopes that they will help you. Click on Freebie Resources, and type in the email you used to sign-up. Welcome to the group!

    1. Happy New Year, Shoppers Gossip! :) Thank you for your kind comments! Currently, you can sign up for a free organizing class and guide. These are outstanding resources by Abby Lawson!

      You are so right. The beginning of the year is a great time to revamp your blog or start one!

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