Option 3 Color 25 Animal PNGS + 27 Backgrounds PNGs

Option 3 Color 25 Animal PNGS + 27 Backgrounds PNGs

Option 3- Color 25 Animal PNGS + 27 Backgrounds PNGs

8.5”x11” size for your convenience

52-High Quality 300 DPI PNGs with transparent backgrounds make it easy for you to blend images with other packs to create activity pages, gift tags, POD (Print on Demand)

Color Kawaii Bugs, birds, adorable animals backgrounds (27 JPEG Transparent

Color Kawaii Bugs, birds, adorable animals backgrounds (27 JPEG Transparent

27 Backgrounds PNGs ONLY  

1) Pond scene with cattails

2) Pond scene with lily pads

3) Mushrooms and grass

4) Beehive in tree branches

5) logs by a pond

6) Pink, purple, and yellow flowers

7) Leaves, grass, and rocks

8) Spider web in tree branches

9) Pink flowers

10) Tree branches with leaves

11) Tree branches with leaves

12) Tree branches with pinecones

13) Three eggs in a bird’s nest on a tree branch

14) 5 yellow sunflowers

15) Pond scene with lily pads

16) Lifecycle of a butterfly in tree branches- blue butterfly & green caterpillar

17) Tree branches with leaves with butterfly eggs

18) Purple, yellow, pink, and red tulips

19) Tree with acorns

20) Life cycle of a frog in a pond with lily pads

21) Pond scene with lily pads

22) Pink Raspberries and Blueberries on branches

23) Red apples on a tree branches

24) Pond scene with lily pads & water lily

25) 5 red roses

26) Pink flowers and leaves

27) White flowers near a tree

Color Kawaii Bugs, birds, adorable animals (25 JPEG Transparent Backgrounds)

Color Kawaii Bugs, birds, adorable animals (25 JPEG Transparent Backgrounds)

25 Adorable Animals PNGs with Transparent Backgrounds

1) Green turtle with brown shell

2) Green frog

3) Beige snail

4) Yellow and black bee

5) Green grasshopper

6) Red and black ladybug

7) Green and blue hummingbird

8) Brown spider

9) Blue dragonfly

10) Green caterpillar

11) Green dragonfly

12) Brown spider

13) 3 eggs

14) Green tadpole

15) Green frog with tail

16) Blue butterfly

17) Green frog and green leaf as an umbrella

18) White swan

19) Brown and black ant

20) Red and black ladybug

21) Yellow bird

22) Pink flamingo

23) Orange and black Monarch butterfly

24) Mallard duck green head brown body

25) Pink wings and purple body butterfly

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