Welcome to the 5-Day Organize Your Money House Challenge!

(Based on Clearing Money Clutter ©2020 Copyright Heart of Success, Inc.)

(April 10-14, 2023)

My name is Christina Deptulski, and I’m a Business Coach and your host!

I’m super excited that you will be joining me for this FUN challenge!

Check your emails every day.

To get the most out of this challenge, Download your FREE Challenge workbook and follow along by completing the exercises.

Some exercises start right away.

These exercises will reveal your relationship to your money.

Christina Deptulski, Business Coach

The Challenge will be EVERDAY in the Challenge Private Facebook Page at 5:30 pm from April 10-14, 2023

Please join us for Facebook Lives every day.

April 10, 2023,
at 5:30 PM EST

Day 1: Discuss Your Wallet/Your Purse (Day 1 Facebook Live)

April 11, 2023,
at 5:30 PM EST

Day 2: Share Discoveries from Daily Tracking Exercise (Day 2 Facebook Live)

April 12, 2023,
at 5:30 PM EST

Day 3: Talk About Your Findings from Decluttering Your Home (Day 3 Facebook Live)

April 13, 2023,
5:30 PM EST

Day 4: Share Discoveries from Organizing Your Bills
(Day 4 Facebook Live)

April 14, 2023,
5:30 PM EST

Day 5: Share Biggest Aha Moments, Discuss Positive Shifts
(Day 5 Facebook Group Live)

FREE 5-Day Organize Your Money House Challenge

By the end of this challenge, You will:

See details in your workbook for a chance to win a FREE ticket to my first workshop!

See you on the Private Facebook Page every day!

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